Relationship issues for solos and singles


Many Solos & Singles these days are wanting long-lasting relationships with more equality, communication, stability and a deeper connection than their parents and grandparents had. 

A revolution in relationships began in the 1960s when the divorce rate began to skyrocket and we are now into the 2nd generation of that revolution.  

The immense pain for partners and their children from relationship breakups has triggered a wealth of research to find out what are the real factors that lead to resilient, long-term, fulfilling relationships. We now know it takes more than sexual passion and ‘falling in love' to achieve happiness-ever-after. In fact we can be passionately attracted to some very unsuitable people!

We need Commumication, Communication and more Communication Skills to work as a team and negotiate solutions to all the problems that occur in a longterm relationship.

We also need mutual respect; equal voice; similar values & interests; similar financial competence; mutual admiration as well as that special feeling of connection and chemistry.  

There are more Singles in the 21st Century than in any previous century ... 

Whether it's in a country with a man-drought, such as NZ, or a man-flood, as in Asian countries, it makes no difference.  The world over, in developed & developing countries, there are more single, child-free men and women between 20 - 40 than at any other time in planetary history.  Yet 20s to 40s are the prime years of fertility & historically have always been the 'most-married' decades for both men and women ... so what’s going on? The research shows us that wherever women have experienced equality in education and employment they are unlikely to choose or stay with men who want traditional relationships. 

So let's unpack what is Essential & what is 'Desirable-but-not-Essential' for you.

Are there any repeating, self-defeating patterns which have been preventing you from finding long-lasting-happiness with a compatible partner. 

Are you choosing on Desirable factors and ignoring your Essentials and wondering why your relationships don't last?

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Checklist for a Soulmate

A Manual for Solos & Singles about the research-based factors to consider in forming long-lasting relationships in the 21st Century.

Yes! It takes more than Chemistry!

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