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Communication: In long term relationships there are times when couples need to talk about difficult things. However difficult conversations are risky because anger, hurt, upset and other negative feelings might become overwhelming and damage the respect, trust and love in a relationship. Often, in the hope of avoiding emotional angst, couples put off difficult conversations and that inevitably means resentments build up and explode at inconvenient times in the future.

  • Emotional Safety is Essential to Stay Connected: How to stay connected instead of growing apart is a challenge for couple’s when our 21st Century lives are so busy and stressful. Snappiness, put-downs, not listening, not sharing the unpaid work, all cause partners to feel emotionally unsafe. Consequently partners disconnect and back away for self-protection. With a few sessions in skillful communication Couples who are motivated and willing to upskill are often surprised to find how quickly they can reconnect with each other, recover their lost feelings of affection and intimacy, and negotiate solutions,

  • Appreciation is Essential for creating emotional safety and staying connected.

  • Loss of sexual connection is an early sign that communication has broken down and there is a loss of emotional safety in the relationship … get help fast! It’s unlikely the problem will fix itself

With new 21st Century communication and conflict resolution skills, couples are often surprised to find how quickly they can learn to talk their way to happiness.

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VENUE: 142 Stapleford Crescent,  Browns Bay,  North Shore, Auckland, NZ, 0630

FEES: $100 per session for couples,   $80 for individuals.

Payment due at the end of each session, or by arrangement

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the four signs a relationship is at risk: 

  • Criticism

  • Defensiveness

  • Contempt 

  • Stonewalling 

familiar? get help fast! 

Our skills need updating constantly in all areas of our lives, including our relationships. Roles in relationships have changed and 21st Century lives are busy and stressful, so we need the latest and smartest communication and negotiation skills for successful, happy relationships.