About Barri


Most FAQ: Is your name short for something else?

Answer: Yes, On my legal documents it’s still ‘Barrie’, but I cut the ‘e’ off years ago for daily usage in an attempt to feminise it … like Terri, Gerri, etc.

Most Frequent Response: Oh!

Next Most FAQ: Why did your parents name you ‘Barrie’?

Two Possible Answers (which I give in random order) (a) Because I was the second daughter born back in the days when father’s expected to have sons, and my parents only had a Clan Leslie boy’s name ready … or (b) So I could confuse everyone all my life without even trying …

So that’s my name dealt with, now onto my QUALIFICATIONS and EXPERIENCE:

I have over 30 years experience in general counselling, relationships and couples communication and life coaching

  • Academic Qualifications: MA (Social Psychology), DipEd, ATCL

  • Masters Level Research: 21st Century relationships and the post-1960s relationship revolution

In recent years I have specialised in conflict-resolution and communication-coaching for couples using the very effective Difficult Conversations model from Harvard University's Negotiation Project

As we all know, relationships give us exquisite happiness when they work well ... and excruciating pain when they don't, so I find it very fulfilling to be able teach well-researched and effective Conflict Resolution Skills for repairing and creating happy and resilient families in this challenging and rapidly changing 21st Century.

I began my career was as a primary school teacher.  My transition into counselling was as a family therapist using Art and Narrative Therapies with younger children and their parents. Later I moved into counselling adults in Post Traumatic Stress Recovery as an ACC Approved Counsellor for victims of sexual and physical abuse.

I also currently offer support in recovery for victims of cultic religions and organisations. I lived in an ethical eco-village in the early 70s and later joined a community that turned into an an unethical and abusive cult. After the complex process of extracting myself I studied the psychology of cults; coordinated legal action to close the one I’d joined and set up a Trust to manage the assets in order to help NZers recovering from such experiences; and published a paper in the NZ Journal of Counselling about recovering from abuse and mind control in cultic organisations.

I’m a fourth generation New Zealander, of Scottish, Irish and English descent. I only speak English.


APPOINTMENTS are available during • normal work hours • after-work Monday to Friday •  or weekends

CONTACT: To make an inquiry or an appointment •  Email •  Phone or Text 027 254 9180

VENUE: 142 Stapleford Crescent,  Browns Bay,  North Shore, Auckland, NZ, 0630

FEES: $100 per session for couples, $80 for individuals (Payment due at the end of each session, or by arrangement)
 Payable by Direct Credit or Cash. (No Eftpos facilities available)